Our Father God, or A Father Is...

A father is a type of God, and could be defined in much the same way as God is defined since man is created in the image of God. If one were looking in a mirror, one would find that the image in the mirror did the same things as you did. A man is appointed to much the same things as Almighty God, but on a natural scale. We know that God is Almighty, only wise potentate in whom no shadow of turning is, yet the man he created, he appointed to be gods upon the earth. Jn: 10:34: Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

He is the first; God created Adam. In the foreknowledge of God, Adam was created to be the first in the family. Created as its head. He was first in communication with God. God walked with Adam in the cool of the evening and communed with him. He was the first provider for the family; by the sweat of his brow, he brought forth food from the earth. He was the first savior, for his provisions and care for the family saved them alive. Man was commanded to love their wives, and honor here as the weaker vessel. He would cleave to his wife, much as God would cleave to his church bride, and give himself for her.

Jehovah is one of the names of God. The primary meaning of Jehovah is the self-existing one. A father should exist on what he provides for himself and his family, in the natural realm, and not depend of provisions from others. In Genesis, the Lord appointed the man as the breadwinner; the father can be explained in names of God. A father is:

JEHOVAH-JEREH: The Lord will provide. It is the place the father in the home to provide for those who are under his authority. In the book of Genesis, the Lord appointed man as the bread winner.

JEHOVAH -RAPHA: The Lord that healeth. This term refers also to healing of the soul. A father can speak security and peace to those under his authority. His word has great meaning for those who look up to him.

JEHOVAH -NISSI: The Lord our banner. As the father is to be the "banner" or protection for his home. He is the champion of the home keeping his kingdom safe from intruders, and troublemakers.
JEHOVAH -SHALOM: The Lord our peace. The father is the Peace of the family, through the provisions that he makes for it. If his rule is good and righteous, then the peace of God will rest on his home. "What ever the king did pleased all the people.

JEHOVAH RAAH: The Lord my shepherd, The father is a shepherd, the family shall not lack, he provides them a resting place of plenty, he leads his family in places of peace, restoring their security, he leads them in the paths of righteousness for the family name sake... He does not make a mockery of the family name, lest he put his children to shame. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep.
JEHOVAH TSIDKENU: The Lord our righteousness. The father provides the diagram for discipline, through his righteous authoritarian position. Notice how the father's voice can calm situations that a wife cannot. He has a strong arm in training up the children in the way that they should go; therefore in training them according to his righteousness, they obtain his righteous ways. Remember, the sin of the father was visited on his children. His righteousness and prosperity of the father is also visited on the children by his example.

JEHOVAH SHAMMAH: The Lord is present. The father's presence in a family should always be. His presence is very important in forming relationships of his offspring in their future. He makes his girls feel pretty, and his sons into strong leaders. Often times, the lack of this presence causes deep Psychological problems in his sons and daughters.

JEHOVAH ELOHIM: The governing Lord of earthly relationships of man. This is obviously the position of the father in the family. He is the governing head of the family, He rules more so with wisdom, and logical thinking, where as a woman relies on emotions in some turbulent decisions. He has the final say in family situations.

The father is a type of God in the family. He has a very important and demanding role. If he fulfills his role as God would, he will reap many rewards, Faithful children, a loving wife, the respect of the community, and the favor of God.

So this is the challenge for every father, to be the reigning "god" of their family, exemplifying the love, leadership, peace, security, provisions and wisdom of God.