going there.  During the fall, I remember that I had stopped wearing pants.  I hadn't made a complete transformation, however, because my sister remarked about my exposed shoulders and arms, when I was wearing a sundress. I retorted, "Why should I care if what I wear entices a man, most of my body is covered, and besides that's the man's problem, not mine!"  But she wasn't contentious with me; she just patted me on the shoulders (her hands felt so warm, it was just like a burn, but I felt so much love that I almost cried).

I had a white cashmere dress that could be worm only 2 or 3 times a year.  I had suffered a mishap with my hair so I went to a place called "Soul Scissor" in hope if getting a style that could hide most of its flaws.  To my dismay, the hairstylist had cut so much of it off that it looked like a boy cut! So when I came in "styling" in my white cashmere, it caused quite a stir. (Actually, I didn't think it was that big of a deal because I could always grow it back, but I hadn't read what the Bible said about cutting your hair). There was a night in late September when I was praying to receive the Holy Ghost that a light was coming toward me. I stopped praying. I tried to make myself think that this was the light from above my head, but I knew that was not it, I had to go home and think! Although my sisters said, "The Holy Ghost is all over you!", that did nothing but increase that old anxiety that had found a nest in my mind.

Finally, in what my sisters felt was desperation ,they told me of revival services. I missed every one except the last . On the last night, I rushed in after altar call was over (the end of the service).  I went up to my sister and told

her I wanted to pray. There at the altar I knelt down and started apologizing to the Lord for having a split in my skirt, which I dutifully closed! My sisters were praying, the Lord was moving- I mean really moving on them! I was thinking, "If the Lord is all over me then why can't I feel Him?" My heart was in a panic but I keep on when I thanked Jesus for the Holy Ghost, I suddenly felt so light, so bubbly, like good champagne, real bubbly. I started  laughing!
The more I laughed, the lighter I became. My sisters were perplexed, and looked at the pastor.  He assured them it was all right. I don't remember much afterward, just such an eternal joy flooding my being. I was released from those earthly chains that bound me. I was freely floating on air. I don't know how I drove home! My husband didn't know what had come over me. I had a hunger for the Word of God; many times I fell asleep sitting up in my bed, holding the Bible to my chest like something dearly beloved.

When I attended church-now in the daytime, everything was not so smooth and clean. But I was laughing at Satan, in the Holy Ghost! My husband was my first convert!  It was like the church was our baby! We were stable enough to help with the burgeoning youth group. Services were grand and anointed! The Lord always knew when we needed encouragement and comfort…

As I got older in the Lord, I started petitioning Him for my heart's desire. My husband and I both always befriended babies and the small children of others, which we thought was only preparation for our own children. When we found we were both physically lacking, it was a cruel blow to us. I was asked to join a prayer group. It was one of the best decisions of my life! I had asked for a child from the Lord and I promised that he would be raised