How Do You Like Your Sacrifice,

Rare, or "Well Done"?

(Cain"s Offering)


Not long after Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden they had their first son. His name was Cain. Cain who was the first son, also exemplified other first, however infamous. He was a tiller of the soil and grew fruit and vegetables. He was also "hard of hearing", or as many in this day and age affirm, Don't tell me what to do.

Even to the highest authority in life, Cain would not submit. It was not just that he was jealous of His brother, we see that when it came to offering sacrifices, a way in which a person would be acceptable to the LORD, Cain did not have the humility to offer blood for sin. Instead he offered fruit and vegetable on his altar. Cain was a tiller of the ground. These were the works of His own hands. The desired career of his own aspiration, and as many also decide, God must accept them just as they are, with whatever baggage comes with them

The offering of his brother Abel, which was an offering of blood, or death, God was pleased with. God was also pleased with Able. However, with Cain, the scriptures says, God was not satisfied. Not only was God not pleased with Cain's sacrifice, but with Cain himself. Though God was not pleased with him, He offered him mercy and good council.

If you do well, he told Cain, you will be accepted, but if not, sin (a danger) lies at your door. Many today insist that God accept them they way they are without change. They refuse by the command of God in his word to do well, and expect God to accept their sacrifice. He will not.

As it was with Cain, sin did lie at his door, for he came upon his brother in a fit of jealousy in the field, and killed him. Why, because Abel had mistreated him? No, he killed him because Abel's sacrifice was acceptable to God, and his was rejected. Therefore because Abel was accepted, the rejected one grew angry against his brother rather than humble himself and change. He paid no attention to what he was told, or that the lack of acceptance was his fault and no one else's, including the brother that he would shortly kill.

Then as today, many refuse to bring the proper sacrifice, but only want to redefine their living sacrifice to God as one that they approve of. The do this only to grow angry at the brother that will submit and bring the God defined and proper sacrifice.

The Lord is looking for worshippers, but not just any worshiper, but those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. Many want to enjoy the worship of God but not the truth of what true worship should be according to the word of God. They argue, redefine scripture and are angry at their brethren who offer the proper sacrifice.

Cain's offering was his own works, instead of the command or example of God. The truth about those who only worship in Spirit is they attempt of attract the Spirit of God to their own way. They serve, rejecting the truth about a proper sacrifice that they must make to be accepted. They are angry when they are not accepted and �fight �against those who are.

There are other examples in the word of God of those who offered according to their own will. The sons of Aaron offered strange fire on the altar. They were immediately killed. Saul repeatedly offered the sacrifices according to his will, instead of what the LORD had commanded him to do. He and his posterity were rejected from being king. This willful disobedience placed them outside of the plan of God forever. Saul also found David, a rival whom the Lord would rather have to serve him in his place, and sought to kill him. As with Adam and Eve, It was their intention that they should dwell in the presence of the LORD in their unclean state forever. It was for this reason that the LORD ordered Adam and eve out of the Garden with cherubim and a flaming sword to keep them from the tree of life. Otherwise, they would attempt to live forever in their sinful state. 

Some will continue to the end of their days offering the sacrifice of their own will, only to find out that they are not accepted. The scriptures speaks of those who did many wonderful works in Jesus name, only to hear �I never knew you�. All men must be ready to be apologetic of their own ways in exchange for the approved life that the LORD requires. �All have sinned and come short of the glory of God�, but we are expected to make our way into the presence of God leaving our sinful ways behind.

How Do You like your sacrifice, rare, or well done?