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But God loves the backslider.  When He could not depend on the religious to help, he came himself.  The Samaritan who represents Jesus Christ, on the other hand came to where the poor traveler was, and assisted him.  All the way down for heaven He came to pay the debt for our mistakes.  After pouring the oil of the Holy Ghost on the wounds of the man giving him rest from his pain of sin, he also ministered to him wine for joy.  Carrying him upon the beast of burden, which is his own flesh through his sacrifice on Calvary's cross, He paid an ordinary person, the innkeeper to take care for this precious cargo of the Lord's people.  He was someone who did not learn from the religious order of the day, but was one who could be trusted to care.  He could be the Pastor of the church or one of no position. Actually in this instance, the Lord turned from his own people whom he had hired to take care of the sheep to one that was of a different persuasion. He gave the innkeeper two pence, two for change, and pence for beginning.  He brought him to the innkeeper for a new beginning.

On the morrow, or in the newness of life that Jesus gave,  His debt was paid, and he was ready to be left in the capable hands of the inn keeper.  "I will return"; the Samaritan said just as the Lord informed us that he would come again. Then all including the innkeeper will receive a reward for the works done in this body, Jesus being our judge.
Instead of being disgusted with the man's failures of living for God, Jesus simply forgave him, paying his debt of embarrassment to the brethren, as well as his debt to Almighty God.

Go and do likewise, Jesus said.  Go

and pay your brother's debt by forgiving him for the offense you feel he has brought upon the church in his failure, and by praying for him. Asking also that God will forgive him.  Restore him with a spirit of meekness.  Carry his sufferings on your own beast of burden, your body in prayer and supplication before God.

And once he is restored, continue to be a friend to him, helping him grow stronger in the faith. In this way all will receive a reward when Jesus comes again