After that, Quincy took me home. I had been having a problem with my foot and leg, I had gone to one specialist, and he said that he could not do anything for me and charged me $150. I went to other doctors and spent $700 to $800, and I still had much pain in my leg. Quincy brought me to church that Sunday. That preacher announced, "Whoever has a leg problem, come to the altar". I don't know what to do; but I saw other people going to the altar, so I went myself. The preacher prayed with each person himself. When he came and prayed for me, my pain was gone! I was jumping up and down and praising my Jesus! Since; then, I knew I could never be the same! My Hindu friends didn't really respond or understand what was happening to me. But I began reading the Bible, going to church 3 times a week. After 3 Sundays, I had learned the way to Apostolic so I began driving myself. I began my new life. The Lord had touched me.

Then I went back to India for my daughter's wedding. We had cooked food for only 3,000 people, but over that amount ate. The Lord multiplied my food! He had stretched it to feed at least 1500 more people!. I was talking to everyone about Jesus, although they really didn't understand. And the Lord gave me that miracle! I got in a victory march, praising God in the wedding party.

My second miracle happened after I returned to America in February, 2000.  I started to feel sick, I was coughing and finally I was admitted to LBJ Hospital in March. I stayed there 3 weeks. I was dying; I had lost 20-40 pounds. The doctors couldn't find
out what was making me sick.  Then they found I had tuberculosis, and immediately started the medicine, which I was to take for 6 to 9 months. My pastor, and church members were coming to the hospital to pray for me; I believe and trust in HIM and I know the Lord was going to raise me up. One young lady from the church told me to read about the life of Job in the Bible. I read the scriptures and knew that the Lord was going to heal and strengthen like Job! On April 2, I was sure that I was healed because I felt no more pain, no more sleeplessness, and I was able to eat again! All within 3 days the Lord healed me. The doctors examined me, didn't understand what happened to me, but said for me to go home and take my medicine. But I challenged the doctors! I am healed by my Lord Jesus Christ!

I was like Job, I had lost everything, but the Lord gave me healing and strength. The Hindu god I was serving brought me only misery, but when I got the Holy Ghost I got everything. I became a Christian.  I feel like a millionaire, which is worth all the money that I lost!

I had money; but never had peace, joy and happiness.


Jesus Christ came to this earth so that we could be forgiven of our sins, but also that we should learn to forgive.  When we speak of forgiving, we think of the things that are done by others that hurt us, things that make us angry.  We think of storms that take us by surprise perhaps ruining our plans, maybe leaving us along with unplanned children. It consists of being undercut and betrayed.  We think of unfaithfulness that devastates us so that we feel ostracized by others that mean a lot to us.  Divorce, even murder, So that we loose that special friend to share our life with, even enters into this picture.  Jesus came that we could forgive those that bring disaster to our lives, our family, and home.

If we don't, satan can use our anger to his own advantage.  He works destruction to relationships and God's people, yet t
he scripture says that the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.(James 1:20)   It factors in satan's handiwork.

When we forgive, we release ourselves from a slew of pains.  We are set free from the evil intentions of others to bring us down.  When Joseph forgave his brothers for selling him into slavery, he said:
Genesis:50:20: But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. The Lord lifted Joseph up to be second to the king.

God will restore the years that were eaten up by evil intentions.  He will work everything to our good.  So, don't be afraid to set yourself free by forgiving and  loving your enemies.

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