On a lonely hill a perfect man died friendless.  Jesus Christ died on Calvary's cross a brutal thankless death while his enemies jeered and his friends hid.

Alone clad in embarrassing clothing The God of Eternity enrobed in a fleshly body gave all, everything he had to save a world who had fallen short of the safety of God for all eternity.  Though it such a death, even His own friends did not realize what was happening at the time.  They didn't know that all this was to bring them into God presence and friendship.  They did not realize that Jehovah God made a body for Himself so that his Spirit would live in the bodies of men. 

When Jesus died, it opened the portal of salvation and paved the way through an earthen vessel for men to come to The Lord.  Now with the veil of the temple rent into men could enter into the holies of holy, But only through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  He is the door to salvation.

In temple days men had to bring sacrifices in order to escape the wrath of God.  We see that they had certain animals for sin sacrifices, meal and bread for bread sacrifices acquit sin, wave offerings and so on. This was done, all in order to bring reconciliation to Almighty God.  They did not realize then that they could only get to the Spirit of God through sinless flesh, and not the flesh of animals, but a man had to pay for men's sins. Though Jesus suffered terribly on that day, we now call EASTER, is all that was accomplished there fully understood?

What happened there?

Men saw the invisible image of God.  They saw the image we were created in which was formulated in the mind of the Father before the world began.  They experienced God as Spirit and flesh as He dwelt among man.  They saw the way to God Almighty that was through the flesh of Jesus Christ.  They witnessed the flesh of God die on a cross to make us acquaintance with his Spirit. 

Though confusing to many, we could only get to God Himself through the earthen vessel, as we can only get to any person spirit, who is  created in His image; through the earthen vessel we call a body.    We must interact with their body in some way.  We must interact with the (5) five senses, with the mouth- talking, the ears to hear, the eyes to see, and the skin to touch, with the smell of their perfume yet feeling the presence of their spirit around them . 

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